Terraces in Lostock Hall

In the 1911 Census, addresses were commonly given according to terrace names rather than street names.  Some of these terraces can still be identified from plaques, but some plaques have been removed and some terraces have been demolished to be replaced by new developments.

Terraces that still have plaques are:

CATON TERRACE (412 – 426 Leyland Road)

HESKIN TERRACE (Leyland Road between Coote Lane and Harold Terrace)
VICTORIA TERRACE (Spar to Coote Lane) Plaque above KFC

HAROLD TERRACE (Road sign only)

BEACONSFIELD TERRACE (16 – 26 Watkin Lane) above Fry Inn

ALEXANDRIA TERRACE AD 1882 (37 – 57 Watkin Lane)

STEPHENSON TERRACE 1890 (28 – 38 Watkin Lane)

ALMOND TERRACE (100 – 110 Watkin Lane)

GREEN BANK TERRACE (112 – 116 Watkin Lane)

FERN VILLAS 1890 (78 – 90 Brownedge Road)

MYRTLE VILLAS 1890 (92 –94 Brownedge Road)

PLEASANT VIEW (37 – 39 Croston Road)

WEST VIEW 1878 (18 – 26 School Lane)


Terraces with plaques removed that still exist are: 
LUPTON TERRACE (465 – 479 Leyland Road)

BEECH TERRACE (5 – 9 Croston Road)

HOPE TERRACE (Jubilee Road – Val Hughes)

SOUTHPORT TERRACE was on the site of the car park entrance and grass triangle on Croston Road.
CARRINGTON TERRACE – the first terrace on the left as you go up Croston Road from the village centre.

GARFIELD TERRACE – the last terrace on the right hand side of Croston Road before you go under the railway bridge, opposite the Anchor pub.

Other Terraces that existed at one time or other in the past were:

ALBERT TERRACE (now William Street, rear of Spar)

DOVER, LONSDALE (no link to Lonsdale Chase or Mews), PARK, PROSPECT AND SOUTH.


I am grateful to Heather Crook for this information.
If you have any further information about the ‘Lost Terraces’ please contact Heather via the Lostock Hall Magazine, thelostockhallmagazine@gmail.com


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