WW2 Military Casualties

Adams, Ronald

1047206 Sergeant RONALD ADAMS, RAFVR

Killed when his plane was forced to ditch off Livorno, 17 April 1944

Ashworth, Francis

2938773 Private FRANCIS ASHWORTH, Pioneer Corps

Died at home from tuberculosis, 19 June 1944

Ashworth, Ronald Taylor

D/S BRX 7068 Sick Berth Attendant RONALD TURNER ASHWORTH, Royal Navy

Killed 19 June 1944 when HMS Bullen was torpedoed off the north coast of Scotland

Atherton, John

3713675 Private JOHN ATHERTON, King’s Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster)

Killed in France 27 May 1940.  Two cousins with the same name killed in WW2 and an uncle in WW1.

Ball, Walter

3865873 Private WALTER BALL. Loyal Regiment.

Killed in North Africa, 31 March 1943

Billington, John

1097982 Sergeant JOHN BILLINGTON, Royal Air Force

Killed over Germany, 3 September 1943

Birtwistle, Herbert Joseph

569393 Flight Sergeant HERBERT JOSEPH BIRTWISTLE, Royal Air Force.  

Lost aboard M.V. Abosso, 29 October 1942.

Davis, Herbert

T/95773 Driver HERBERT DAVIS. Royal Army Service Corps.

Died 30 May 1940 during the evacuation from Dunkirk.

Fishwick, James

186288 Flying Officer JAMES FISHWICK, RAFVR

Killed in a flying accident over Germany, 25 May 1945

Hammersley, Norman

3972372 Private NORMAN HAMMERSLEY, Ox & Bucks Light Infantry

Killed 24 March 1945, Operation Varsity, crossing the Rhine

Hesketh, John Callely

1131407 Flight Sergeant JOHN CALLELY HESKETH, RAF VR

Killed when his aircraft crashed in Sicily, 20 June 1943

Jones, Robert William

7646913 Private ROBERT WILLIAM JONES, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Killed on the Burma railway, 2 December 1943

Kay, James

2326356 Signalman JAMES KAY, Royal Corps of Signals

Died in Kranji POW camp, Singapore, 15 August 1942

Mayor, Bert

3859101 Trooper BERT MAYOR, 18th Reconnaissance Corps

Killed at Singapore, 5 February 1942

McCann, Arnold

7617262 Private ARNOLD McCANN, Royal Army Ordnance Corps.

Killed at Boulogne, 23 May 1940

Molyneux, Ralph

1949117 Driver RALPH MOLYNEUX, Royal Engineers

Killed during the Normandy Landings, D-Day, 6 June 1944

Parkinson, Joseph Harold

P/JX 427228 Ordinary Seaman JOSEPH HAROLD PARKINSON, Royal Navy

Died of lymphoma, Liverpool, 17 October 1944

Ribchester, William

C/NX 583288 Canteen Manager WILLIAM RIBCHESTER, Royal Navy Catering Service

Lost at sea on HMS Manners, 26 January 1945

Sefton, John Frederick

1697559 Leading Aircraftman JOHN FREDERICK SEFTON, RAF VR

Served in both World Wars.  Died at home of a heart attack, 2 March 1944

Smellie, John Arthur

7920514 Trooper JOHN ARTHUR SMELLIE, Royal Armoured Corps

Killed in North Africa, 29 May 1942

Sumner, Jack

7953412 Trooper JACK SUMNER, Royal Armoured Corps

Killed in North Africa, 18 January 1943

Sumner, Robert

13134 Marine ROBERT SUMNER, Royal Marine Engineers

Died at Deal, Kent, 2 March 1943

Swift, Thomas Cecil

950721 Lance Sergeant THOMAS CECIL SWIFT, Royal Artillery.

Killed in action in North Africa, 6 June 1942.

Taylor, Edward

2359621 Signalman EDWARD TAYLOR, Royal Corps of Signals

Died in India, 20 April 1942

Turner, James Edward

3857683 Private JAMES EDWARD TURNER, Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)

Died at home, 14 January 1946